Pedophiles on the rise?

It seems to me as of late the pedophiles are becoming more brazen than ever. Why might that be?  A few weeks ago a man approached a TWO year old girl and began to RAPE HER in the middle of a store in front of other people. A toddler. And today an eight year old was assaulted by a man in Walmart who grabbed her and put his hands in down her pants. In the middle of Walmart where there are cameras every few feet to catch folks stealing crappy merchandise from China. Somehow they missed a man with his hands down the pants of a little girl who was crying.  Seriously. Those who stand by and watch are equally to blame.  I have had enough. If you haven’t, then you are part of the problem. Babies. Toddlers. RAPED. Can you just not comprehend it? Or is it arousing?

I deeply appreciate the men who flattened these suspects and held them for the police. It is the least I would expect. That said, how many men think the Lolita fantasy is okay? Having sex of any kind with a child is rape, statutory or forcible.  Why aren’t these sick fucks held more responsible? Why can’t the punishment fit their actions? Chemical castration isn’t the answer really. Finding the point in the brain that controls arousal and obliterating it would be fairer. Molesters repeat. Rapists repeat. There is no conditioning that the pure need for control doesn’t override. There are sex offenders who CHOSE to stay in a special prison called McNeil Island because they cannot control their urges. Straight from the horses mouth. Maybe all sexual offenders should be placed on islands. Sadly, I’m afraid we would run out of islands.

Why isn’t this an issue every woman gets angry about? Why aren’t fathers, brothers, uncles fighting alongside their daughters, sisters, nieces to eradicate sexual assault and aggression?

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