Just because it is funny, doesn’t mean it isn’t true…

In fact a whole lot of funny is only funny because it is true. Therefore Beck isn’t funny…and I’m not referring to the one with two turntables and a microphone.

And I just KNEW that the TeaBaggers couldn’t read. These same people demand that immigrants come here legally and adhere to “our ways”. I think Bloomberg is right. Just as Bush didn’t have a passport, most of these yokels now in charge of our voice to the rest of humanity undoubtedly lack any foreign travel experience at all!

I believe that to run for office anywhere in America a test should be required. A few things that they must know before even running:

  • The Constitution – the WHOLE story including memorizing the preamble and reciting or writing it out, understanding Article 1 – Section 8 and the 16th Amendment AND the fact that the first ten amendments are, in fact, our Bill of Rights
  • ┬áHave to take the same INS test as immigrants who want to become citizens. If our schools are/were good enough, they would have learned basics like the maximum number of Congresspeople and Senators and the meaning of the flag they WRITE on and “defend”
  • Take two mandatory classes – microeconomics and macroeconomics. They obviously need some schoolin’ since they are CLUELESS and magical thinkers – even their own economists think they are stupid!
  • Spend 30 days below poverty line – see what it feels like to fight for survival

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