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Rape as means to “convert”…

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Most. Disgusting. Comment. Ever.

I understand that most men do not understand women. Lesbian, Bi or Straight. We are all aliens. I get that they feel powerless in our multi-tasking presence.  Our breasts are too distracting for all those “little minds” to not stray from important work. I also understand that being able to think more than one thought per moment is quite overwhelming to those who think in single thoughts and on single tracks. What I do not get is the enraged destruction of the fairer sex.

Do these “men” really believe that their dicks are made of gold or have magical powers to turn lesbians into submissive 50s housewives? Do they really think that sex acts are all that separates straight from gay? And understand that love has nothing to do with sex?  Or do these men simply lack? Imagination? Self-esteem? Size? Prowess?

This asinine and boorish perspective is not just dangerous, it is an invitation to the lowest common denominators of males. The Rapist. The Molester. The South African male.

Everyone is complaining about the treason over the WikiLeaks release (frankly, egg on your face is not treason) and yet no one has blinked an eyelash about these treacherous and malevolent comments. Seems it is more important to save face in the world at large among nations whose treatment of the MAJORITY of their citizens is worse than how they would treat a dog. Not important to worry about illegally groping men and women – many of whom already suffer PTSD from being raped or sexually assaulted in their lifetimes. Or worry about how we trade our minerals for producing our most prized possessions for the degradation and dehumanizing war against women.

I am not a man hater. I am simply deeply disappointed with a lot of men on the whole. Where is the impetus to stop hurting those who the species needs to survive? Where are the men to fight back against those who rape and those who stand by and watch. According to some, the TSA groping is “not that big a deal”. Isn’t it? A stranger gives you the choice to be groped or irradiated. Sounds a lot like a threat to me.  And with more and more proof that it won’t keep everyone “safe”, there is no true movement to demand a change. What the “not a big deal” crowd is missing is the actual point. Indignity is not the issue. Power is. And power is what rape is truly about.

Just like everything that is wrapped up in the statement from the criminal AG of Virginia. How can he be allowed to incite rape of women who are lesbians without censure? As a member of the Virginia Bar Association, he should be held MORE accountable for his comments and stances that anyone, as his role is legally pivotal. Also as a devout Catholic, one would think condoning rapes would be something he pays attention to?

I suspect if one of his SEVEN children were a victim of rape (and statistically speaking with 5 daughters the chances are that two will be in their lifetimes), his views would change radically. And if it didn’t, the world would know how desperately evil he truly is.

Recuse because of your DNA?

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Tony Perkins is an ass. Simply put.

His comments and demand for Judge Vaughn Walker to have recused himself from the Prop 8 trial because he is (unconfirmed) gay is as silly as asking a female judge to not to judge any rape cases.

Just because it is funny, doesn’t mean it isn’t true…

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

In fact a whole lot of funny is only funny because it is true. Therefore Beck isn’t funny…and I’m not referring to the one with two turntables and a microphone.

And I just KNEW that the TeaBaggers couldn’t read. These same people demand that immigrants come here legally and adhere to “our ways”. I think Bloomberg is right. Just as Bush didn’t have a passport, most of these yokels now in charge of our voice to the rest of humanity undoubtedly lack any foreign travel experience at all!

I believe that to run for office anywhere in America a test should be required. A few things that they must know before even running:

  • The Constitution – the WHOLE story including memorizing the preamble and reciting or writing it out, understanding Article 1 – Section 8 and the 16th Amendment AND the fact that the first ten amendments are, in fact, our Bill of Rights
  •  Have to take the same INS test as immigrants who want to become citizens. If our schools are/were good enough, they would have learned basics like the maximum number of Congresspeople and Senators and the meaning of the flag they WRITE on and “defend”
  • Take two mandatory classes – microeconomics and macroeconomics. They obviously need some schoolin’ since they are CLUELESS and magical thinkers – even their own economists think they are stupid!
  • Spend 30 days below poverty line – see what it feels like to fight for survival