TSA monster…

So 9/11 was awful. We can all agree on that. Of course more people were killed by tsumanis and earthquakes but I know America felt personally assaulted so we will forever be angry and anti-everything and have to assault everything in our path.

I do not remember giving the TSA the amount of power we have given them. There are all kinds of terrorists. Some are cyberterrorists. Some are suicide bombers.  The majority are male. Like by a HUGE margin. Kind of like serial killers. Only a few women are THAT fucked up.

The TSA has recently decided that the backs of their hands don’t have enough nerve receptors to be able to discern a foreign object on a female airline passenger. And they need to get closer. MUCH closer.

The “Pat Down Procedure”  now includes the groping of genitals and women’s breasts.  If you opt out of having your naked body highlighted by an X-ray machine, they will force you to have a “Pat Down” more akin to a back seat boyfriend on his way to third base. How is that appropriate or legal?

Has a woman suicide bomber tried to blow up a plane recently? I know a woman SENT mail bombs but she didn’t lodge them between her breasts.  So why then has the TSA decided to cup my breasts when my under-wire sets off the stupid machine? Again. A friend of mine said, “Federal law prohibits a man from patting down a woman, if there is a female worker present within the field. TSA will have lawsuits if a man pats down a woman.”

I don’t care if it is a woman or a man. Doesn’t matter if it is a man or a woman. As a more endowed woman, my under wire bras ALWAYS set off the machines and the wands can never work out that it is the under wire. Why do I have to deal with it simply because my biology demands a larger bra with more wire? And am I on the “no fly” list? And why do I have to choose shame and invasion?

So I either get to be an X-Ray porn star or a unwilling grope session. Nice. Welcome to America. Where busty gals take the train.

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