They are killing my blog…

Remember a time when the wonder of the Internet was so overwhelming that you thought nothing would ever overtake its majesty? I do. With such excitement that I thought I would never run out of things to look for and read and investigate.  The incredible depth of information -like having the whole LOC at your fingertips? The history of EVERYTHING at the click of a mouse?

Well, that will change if the Koch Brothers have their way. Remember, when the right wingers scoff at the idea of a “right-wing conspiracy” they are in fact ignoring the Kochs (and others). Great article in the New Yorker Magazine, deeply disturbing blog from Paul Krugman, wonderful warning from Kate Zierneke  and an insightful post by Paul Abrams.

These informative pieces are just a drop in the bucket of the weight and influences just TWO people bring to bear in the shaping of the US. They own two or more Supreme Court Justices. You and I have no say. And you thought you were angry enough to vote for a TeaBagger. Except those candidates are where they are BECAUSE of these mini despots. Enough to cook your noodle, isn’t it?

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