Marriage…it’s just a contract…

As a straight woman who supports equal rights among EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET – what is the big deal to right wing nutjobs about gay marriage? Firstly, no one has brought a lawsuit demanding that churches recognize gay marriage. That would defy the First Amendment (Note to Christine “it’s in there?” O’Donnell: Yes, it is a BASIC right in the Constitution’s first paragraph). I would never demand that any sect/cult/religion come in line with my beliefs – though, to be certain, the world would be a hell of a lot more real without the voodoo of religion – unless those religions break CIVIL law like child rape or blackmail. Civil law is the law of our land, not theocratic law. Therefore, suits have appropriately been brought against the civil code.

Here’s the truth of the fight over gay marriage. Marriage is a civil contract. Period. It is a lawsuit that should be fought by contract lawyers, not church lawyers. Religion only crept in to marriage because churches etc need rent on the day they aren’t pontificating. Marriage started as a contract to sell girl children in exchange for land or goats. It was given “consecration” because it was so primitive that the big church decided that they should throw some rules in to control the masses.  At one time in Scotland and all over the world, the land owner had the right to take the virginity of any woman in his lands he wanted even before her new husband. Excuse me but fuck that.

As  to the idea that gay marriage would cast a pall on other marriages as explained to me by a former boss – good. Can you imagine the depth of love and commitment being offered by two people who aren’t allowed to marry but fight for it anyway? Maybe simple jealousy is what it is about. Women angry at being promised a knight in shining armor and happily ever after and ending up with Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Seriously, I feel for these women.  Men promised compliant and loving wives who would take care of them like their mothers did or they wanted them to. Poor, poor lied to boys. It took me years to realize that marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes a long time to learn about marriage but I would never take away someone else’s right to fight for a content and equal relationship. It makes no sense and the fact that we are even allowing religion to be brought in as a voice in the discussion is the actual problem. I will defend your right to say what you will but I won’t let you change laws to parallel your nutty beliefs.

I am so tired of defending our President. I never really loved him. I am an Edwards liberal (another brilliant man who couldn’t keep it in his pants)  and believe that he would have demanded more change. I have already voted and hope that people with any sense will vote for sanity instead of bat-shit crazy. I am also tired of hearing people talk about “taking back” our nation. From whom? For what purpose? Generally the people making these vague statements are right wing. Can’t they just be specific? Can’t they just say out loud that they hates gays and atheists, women and communities of color? It has never been more apparent than in the run up to this election.

And by the way TeaBaggers…take note…there is a specific clause in the document (Article 3, Section 3) you wave so wildly that is clear about treason. Attempting to assassinate or inciting someone to assassinate a President is a form of treason. And an armed overthrow? You must be joking. But apparently not. Check out the right wing comments on Stephen’s Broden’s statement about overthrowing the government.

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