We are hanging by a thread…of Glen Beck’s nosehair…

To get to know the freaks behind the crazies movement really only requires looking more closely at Mormons.  Mormons believe that when the Constitution is hanging by a thread that they are called to take over.  Throughout history there have been movements specifically forged by the Mormon Church to take over due to social issues they disagree with or whatever.  If you look closely at the new party rising up, you will find fundamentalist christianity and mormonism rampant in the background. Again with the push for theocracy!

And Joe Miller’s demand that the minority take hold of Congress by its bollocks and shut it down in order to force the President to do what they want.  So “democracy” by force? Dictatorship? Plutocracy? Or just a simple economic coup?

I just don’t get it. After being assailed by a fellow “liberal” about my use of the word TeaBagger, I would like to make a statement. TeaBagging has been a time honored sexual act used by more than just a few gay men. Thanks to pop culture it morphed into a talking point and, like all things in American culture, it was assimilated as a point of commentary. I can not and will not allow the freak show calling itself the Tea Party to take hold with that moniker. It is an affront to the ACTUAL Boston Tea Party.

Politics is a dirty business BUT couched in ridiculous language. I am a little bit offended that someone on Jerry Brown’s campaign referred to Meg Whitman as a “whore” but less than if they called her a “skank” because the meanings of these words are very different.  I don’t see that “skank” is applicable since I do not desire to have any info about Meg’s sex life and she doesn’t seem to fit the description of a “skank”.

However, if she sells her influence to people in exchange for a benefit then, linguistically, “whore” isn’t a slur- more a descriptive. I think it is fascinating that the Right gets their panties in a twist when they feel words are hurtful to them but are willing to say things about Dems that even I am shocked by.

I remember being called unpatriotic for criticizing Bush and yet when someone “slips” and “accidentally” calls for the assassination of a sitting President (not once but THREE TIMES), the flap barely registers anywhere but the Huffington Post.

Now THAT is what should be labeled hypocrisy! Perhaps the hypocrisy is why we are hanging by that creepy thread.

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