Whatever happened to truth in advertising?

I hate Meg Whitman. Not because she’s a Republican. Mostly because she has spent over $140 million on ads to buy the Governor post in California. I take great issue with people who spend vast amounts of personal wealth to throw their weight around.  Generally these are people who already have the ear of those in power so there is really no reason to run for the office itself. It is also conspicuous consumerism on steroids.

It wouldn’t be such a big deal if she actually was saying something other than “Steve Poizner sucks.” or “Jerry Brown sucks.” Unfortunately, she has no real political vocabulary nor any ideas that don’t just focus on her and her cronies. On top of it, she is one of the “elite” that Caribou Barbie so often refers to. Meg is missing out on reality.  As a CEO, she did her job. No one refutes that. However, capitalism requires that corporations value profit over people.  And whether her most recent ad claims she doesn’t intend to run the state like a corporation, how could she avoid doing so?

It is what she knows and in fact ALL she knows.  She has no experience running and managing government or even a non-profit. She claims she understands lean but her company’s use of private jets and memberships in country clubs belies that statement.

What could $140 million buy in California? A school district? A fire house or two? A few repaved roads? An earthquake safe overpass? There are thousands of things that money would have been better spent on.  In fact, if she had donated that to the state to save a group of public schools, I would have voted for her. Largess is appropriate when giving back to OTHERS, not oneself.  Sadly Meg’s not so smart about people. And to make matters worse she’s pretending that the housekeeper she fired was family? She’s acting like it is everyone’s fault but her own.

Here’s the reality. Any bad news about Republican candidates is like empty air. Republicans vote party line. Even if their candidate is a hypocrite, rapist, plutocrat, bad employer, etc. Democrats don’t forgive and because of our unwillingness to accept some bad with the good, we will lose the house this year. To nutjobs and bad-shit crazies masquerading as women.

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