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Yeah Meg Whitman…

Friday, October 29th, 2010

It’s SO profitable to be a public sector worker. That’s why folks flock to the government jobs, right?

Give me a break. The private sector has attempted to paint the public sector as greedy but its workers are, on the whole, paid less or equal their private counterparts. The town of Bell is a example of extreme political abuse. But not even close to the abuse of Goldman Sachs and AIG after the Bailout. It is so hypocritical for Republican aka “corporate whores” to spend any time attacking the public sector.

The public sector builds their roads (or not since they have helicopters), educates their children (or not since they all pay for private schools), puts out their fires, arrests their CEOs (or not since they all get away with murder)…

TSA monster…

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

So 9/11 was awful. We can all agree on that. Of course more people were killed by tsumanis and earthquakes but I know America felt personally assaulted so we will forever be angry and anti-everything and have to assault everything in our path.

I do not remember giving the TSA the amount of power we have given them. There are all kinds of terrorists. Some are cyberterrorists. Some are suicide bombers.  The majority are male. Like by a HUGE margin. Kind of like serial killers. Only a few women are THAT fucked up.

The TSA has recently decided that the backs of their hands don’t have enough nerve receptors to be able to discern a foreign object on a female airline passenger. And they need to get closer. MUCH closer.

The “Pat Down Procedure”  now includes the groping of genitals and women’s breasts.  If you opt out of having your naked body highlighted by an X-ray machine, they will force you to have a “Pat Down” more akin to a back seat boyfriend on his way to third base. How is that appropriate or legal?

Has a woman suicide bomber tried to blow up a plane recently? I know a woman SENT mail bombs but she didn’t lodge them between her breasts.  So why then has the TSA decided to cup my breasts when my under-wire sets off the stupid machine? Again. A friend of mine said, “Federal law prohibits a man from patting down a woman, if there is a female worker present within the field. TSA will have lawsuits if a man pats down a woman.”

I don’t care if it is a woman or a man. Doesn’t matter if it is a man or a woman. As a more endowed woman, my under wire bras ALWAYS set off the machines and the wands can never work out that it is the under wire. Why do I have to deal with it simply because my biology demands a larger bra with more wire? And am I on the “no fly” list? And why do I have to choose shame and invasion?

So I either get to be an X-Ray porn star or a unwilling grope session. Nice. Welcome to America. Where busty gals take the train.

So morals and ethics are out the window, right? Only if you are a Republican.

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Let’s take a moment for story time. These stories boys and girls are about hypocrites. Not to define an entire political party by their members or anything but the Republi-bagger (or HypoBagger?) is the worst of the lot.

First up: We know Louisiana is not what most would use as a moral compass. My family hails from there so I feel like I have some right to speak of it. I not so jokingly refer to the middle part of America as the “Fly over Zone”. As my dad says “There are no fender benders in Louisiana. Everyone drives 60 mph and when they have accidents, they tend to be fatal due to the tree that got in the way.” Doesn’t say much for the genetics of the survivors but maybe Darwin Rules really apply here.  All of the places I have been in my life have shown me how backward most of the US really is and yet the deep south is special.  Historically LA had a governor who kept a prostitute. And no one was bothered. And then there is the Spears “clan”. I won’t waste space but you can imagine.

And of course, there is Sen. David Vitter. The kind and ignorant folk of LA will never remove him from office even though he is (one of the most) vile and hypocritical politicos out there. They will never remove him because they share his values. Really? Like his dalliance with a hooker? The hatred for Obama is visceral for these Southern folk. Remember he is black after all.

Next Hypocrite:

My favorite gal from a neighboring state. Sharon “I’m Asian” Angle.  She’s living in her fantasy world of friendly “media” and has now stated that she will only speak to the “other press” once she is elected. And even Fox won’t touch her because she is insane.  For real?  She afraid they are going to “getcha” (a Palin-nome referring to the moment people identify just how low your IQ actually is).  The BEST news is that when she ISN’T elected because she’s a freaking nutjob, she will stop talking. I wish Meg Whitman would promise the same thing.

Speaking of the whore…I mean candidate for Governor. You want to see hypocrisy? Just pop on over to California. First there is Meggie. Her insistence to continue attack ads about Jerry Brown stealing coupled with her anger that someone third-hand overheard the word “whore” in her general direction is mind boggling. She has NO IDEA how to run a government or be a politician. She has been accused of not being honest herself and yet the jabs keep on rolling in about Brown being a puppet and a thief.   Here’s a little note Meg – politics is a messy sport and if you can’t take the hits, don’t keep launching your own assaults. 

And to close this first chapter of “A Tale of Two Republi-baggers”, we turn to Carly “Look at Me! I’m richer than you!” Fiorina.  She’s a Texan. Not sure most people know that but she is. That must be where she formed her opinions and knowledge of the world. Something about the Texas Board of Edumecation. She isn’t a believer in education and yet has stood high on her own mountain top and proclaimed that it is our own damn fault for not being able to compete in the global economy. Really Carly? Have you thought about how we rank in basic education around the world? And you blame us?

And she is against gays. Yet she had the audacity to steal the font that Ellen deGeneres uses for her show. And Macys too. Hmmm. Red herring? I think not.

And finally, most actual Republicans hate her. She collapsed their friend’s multi-billion dollar business. She really has no points of view other than being “anti-Boxer”.  I have a cousin like this who once attacked me for being cynical. At the time I thought that was the worst possible thing. Until two days later when I realized he was pissed because I was smart enough to discern what I belived for myself and that he didn’t have a view of his own.

THAT is the best part about not being a Hypo-Bagger. I know what I believe without someone else telling me what to say. I have read and understood the Constitution and its various Amendments. I have read many of the Federalist Papers (no Sarah and Christine, they aren’t newspapers printed by the Federal Government on a weekly basis).  I am not a witch. I am also not you. Thank the FSM!

On a positive note…

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

My lovely husband and I had the most AMAZING Thai meal tonight. I was told the site was good but I was unprepared for the lusciousness of the fresh rolls and the perfect balance of the thick and creamy peanut sauce with the perfectly spiced satay. Incredible.

*sigh* So very satisfied. But of course it doesn’t mean I’m not still ready for some discourse. 🙂

They are killing my blog…

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Remember a time when the wonder of the Internet was so overwhelming that you thought nothing would ever overtake its majesty? I do. With such excitement that I thought I would never run out of things to look for and read and investigate.  The incredible depth of information -like having the whole LOC at your fingertips? The history of EVERYTHING at the click of a mouse?

Well, that will change if the Koch Brothers have their way. Remember, when the right wingers scoff at the idea of a “right-wing conspiracy” they are in fact ignoring the Kochs (and others). Great article in the New Yorker Magazine, deeply disturbing blog from Paul Krugman, wonderful warning from Kate Zierneke  and an insightful post by Paul Abrams.

These informative pieces are just a drop in the bucket of the weight and influences just TWO people bring to bear in the shaping of the US. They own two or more Supreme Court Justices. You and I have no say. And you thought you were angry enough to vote for a TeaBagger. Except those candidates are where they are BECAUSE of these mini despots. Enough to cook your noodle, isn’t it?

Marriage…it’s just a contract…

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

As a straight woman who supports equal rights among EVERY HUMAN ON THE PLANET – what is the big deal to right wing nutjobs about gay marriage? Firstly, no one has brought a lawsuit demanding that churches recognize gay marriage. That would defy the First Amendment (Note to Christine “it’s in there?” O’Donnell: Yes, it is a BASIC right in the Constitution’s first paragraph). I would never demand that any sect/cult/religion come in line with my beliefs – though, to be certain, the world would be a hell of a lot more real without the voodoo of religion – unless those religions break CIVIL law like child rape or blackmail. Civil law is the law of our land, not theocratic law. Therefore, suits have appropriately been brought against the civil code.

Here’s the truth of the fight over gay marriage. Marriage is a civil contract. Period. It is a lawsuit that should be fought by contract lawyers, not church lawyers. Religion only crept in to marriage because churches etc need rent on the day they aren’t pontificating. Marriage started as a contract to sell girl children in exchange for land or goats. It was given “consecration” because it was so primitive that the big church decided that they should throw some rules in to control the masses.  At one time in Scotland and all over the world, the land owner had the right to take the virginity of any woman in his lands he wanted even before her new husband. Excuse me but fuck that.

As  to the idea that gay marriage would cast a pall on other marriages as explained to me by a former boss – good. Can you imagine the depth of love and commitment being offered by two people who aren’t allowed to marry but fight for it anyway? Maybe simple jealousy is what it is about. Women angry at being promised a knight in shining armor and happily ever after and ending up with Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Seriously, I feel for these women.  Men promised compliant and loving wives who would take care of them like their mothers did or they wanted them to. Poor, poor lied to boys. It took me years to realize that marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes a long time to learn about marriage but I would never take away someone else’s right to fight for a content and equal relationship. It makes no sense and the fact that we are even allowing religion to be brought in as a voice in the discussion is the actual problem. I will defend your right to say what you will but I won’t let you change laws to parallel your nutty beliefs.

I am so tired of defending our President. I never really loved him. I am an Edwards liberal (another brilliant man who couldn’t keep it in his pants)  and believe that he would have demanded more change. I have already voted and hope that people with any sense will vote for sanity instead of bat-shit crazy. I am also tired of hearing people talk about “taking back” our nation. From whom? For what purpose? Generally the people making these vague statements are right wing. Can’t they just be specific? Can’t they just say out loud that they hates gays and atheists, women and communities of color? It has never been more apparent than in the run up to this election.

And by the way TeaBaggers…take note…there is a specific clause in the document (Article 3, Section 3) you wave so wildly that is clear about treason. Attempting to assassinate or inciting someone to assassinate a President is a form of treason. And an armed overthrow? You must be joking. But apparently not. Check out the right wing comments on Stephen’s Broden’s statement about overthrowing the government.

I am SO frustrating…

Friday, October 8th, 2010


Currently the 5 most media known Tea Party candidates all believe that abortion is never OK, not even in cases of incest or rape.

On the Tea Party Patriots blog, there’s a 5 point “test” they want Tea Party Members to submit which gives you their general stance on abortion & women’s reproductive rights:…

And in General, the abortion issue is arguably a very central issue when it comes to internal GOP politics, and why so many moderates have been given the boot during this election year. This is a good new republic article that talks about this to some detail.…

So my question to you is, whether or not you are a Tea Party member, Democrat, or Republican, do you believe our government should outlaw abortion? (i.e. repeal roe v. wade) even in cases of incest or rape? Does it matter to you if a candidate you support believes so?


Firstly, I am astonished anyone – specifically TeaBaggers – thinks they have a say about what I do with my body. Hypocritical on their part and angers me to the core. Most of them are obese and I don’t get to tell them what crap they can put into their bodies.

And Secondly I will echo the stance of several very smart women – I do not believe men get to be part of the decision about abortion unless they are invited to the discussion by their sexual “partner”…period

Finally I would like GOPers et al to use the words “child rape by a family member” instead of incest. I don’t think “incest” carries the weight it should.

The Other Guy

Sounds like a bunch of baloney generated by the dems and repubs. The Tea Party is based on fiscal responsibility. Abortion is a non-issue always pulled in by opponents to generate sympathy for their own candidates. I would vote for the Tea Party candidate provided that they supported the goals of reigning in the national debt and cut off the Wall Street banks currently sucking the middle class dry. Abortion, gay marriage, etc. is BS they pull in every election cycle. Thank Karl Rove for this garbage.

Original Poster

The reason I asked this initially is that many of my friends are “fascinated” by the tea party, and in the spirit of vetting people and their real views, I wanted to bring this out. I don’t think the general public who sees Tea party politics on TV understands just how fundamentalist the core of this “party” really is. Many of the candidates that are being propped forward right now in tea party spots are very strict about their views on abortion, and not only is it causing a fracture with moderate republicans, but on a human level it’s just repugnant.

The Other Guy

OP…I understand your skepticism of this party…but believe me, a lot of what you hear and see regarding this party is media propaganda. The Republicans have made many efforts to hijack this party…first by forming their own branches of the Tea Party, and now by basically painting a picture of a party populated by extremists. This is far from the truth. You need to look at the roots of where this party came from…then ask yourself whether abortion, gay marriage, witchcraft…etc. etc. was actually considerd at all as part of the reason for its formation. It is pure politcal BS. Despite the well meaning intentions of the party, there are still going to be bad candidates (this goes for all political parties). Don’t vote for the party, vote for the candidate.


Show me where the Tea Baggers aren’t all about social issues. Angle, O’Donnell, Rand Paul, Palin – wouldn’t understand fiscal responsibility if it bit them in the ass. They in fact have no platform. They are angry. And? Who isn’t? 12% unemployment, record foreclosures, schools closing due to no funding…dare I go on?

In fact, they just don’t want to pay taxes (when 1/2 of Americans already pay ZERO federal tax) and the majority of self-identified TeaBaggers are white, middle aged, moneyed men. I’d also say racist but racism isn’t limited to the TeaBaggers.


All I know is that both the Republicans and the Democrats have sent trillions of dollars off to Wall Street with absolutely zero hope of recovering it. This leaves us and many future generations with the burden of this debt. Wall Street milked the U.S. under Bush due to all the de-regulation…housing, as an economic “bright spot”, was all that Bush brought to the table. Unfortunately, it was a ponzi scheme based on fraudulent activity. Obama has felt a strong need to continue Bush’s economic policies…so far with little impact on Wall Street. They’ve had “perfect quarters” this year…with all the fat cats taking home billions in bonuses that they would not have received had the taxpayers not bailed them out.

The only party that has decided to take this to task has been the Tea Party…inded, their platform was formed around the idea that the government should not be backstopping the banks on Wall Street and manipulating the housing market. The federal reserve and treasury need to be audited to find out where all this money went…Ben Bernanke is keeping tight lipped on who received the money…because he thinks it will “spook” the markets….BS.  The debt is going to choke this country…education, police, fire fighters, teachers…and all public services will and are suffering because of this. At the same time, Wall Street will at no time have ever been better off…

Your constant use of the term “Tea Bagger” tells me a lot about you. Each instance of a political party in this country strengthens the country by adding checks and balances to the system. Personally, I am left of center with my politics…but in my opinion, this financial situation we find ourselves in is actually the number 1 issue that needs to be addressed. Regulation needs to be brought back in…but I don’t know if the Tea Party is willing to do this….certainly the Republicans will not. The Dems are dropping the ball here. A shock to the system may be just what is needed to get the wheels turning again. This country is owned by the people, not Wall Street, and this point needs to be made.


Mmmkay. It shouldn’t tell you anything about me personally other than the fact I can be quite amusing at times. I don’t use Tea Party simply because they have NO affiliation with the goals of the original Tea Party. It is offensive really and I try to be funny rather that scathing about it. And I would appreciate not being attacked personally unless you are prepared for me to go there too.

So the solution is to remove everyone from office right? Or create new parties? So much of the vitriol this year comes from generalized disappointment in Obama. He hasn’t been strong enough or fast enough or extreme enough. Sadly folks were caught up in the idea of him being the second coming that they didn’t really pay attention to his stances on “clean coal” or education. He isn’t my favorite because he has been surrounded with Clinton cronies who lack new ideas. With Rham out of the picture finally perhaps we will be able to move things ahead. That said, I know I am better off than if Grandpa and Wasilla Barbie had won.

Are you aware of the influence that Wall Street has in Washington? The numbers of lobbyists has risen tenfold in the last two years. Yes the system is broken but just replacing everyone isn’t the answer. Making sensible choices is the only answer. Your choices this year include choosing between Meg “I’ve only voted a few times cause I couldn’t be bothered” Whitman and Jerry “I know I seem a bit stoned” Brown. Personally I would go with the one most likely to understand how governments are set up. And they are NOT corporations. Or even better Barbara “I’m sort of a cheerleader” Boxer and Carly “I’m all about me and mine” Fiorina – there are lesser evils in not just replacing everyone with the opposite. Mob rule worked briefly for the French… and then they returned to exactly where they started from before heads rolled…


Ok…I will give you the benefit of the doubt…and I am in agreement with you in regard to picking sensible candidates. My response to Paulson, when he told our government that we need to bailout Wall Street or suffer economic collapse was pure anger. He should have known what was going down in the housing market…him, as well as Greenspan, Bernanke, Geithner, Summers,Rubin, etc. are all culpable. It’s absolutely sickening. 10~20% annual return on a fricken house? WTF! How could that not tell you something was wrong?? The problem here is that it wasn’t just the politicians who benefitted from this…it was everyone who saw the bubble and flipped a house or two. For all these dopes who obviously knew what was going on and did nothing…they need to be held responsible. There is not a single incumbent what will make an effort to correct this problem…that is my bet. Even with laws on the books that prevented banks with low capital reserves to function…this was allowed to continue, and the banks got bailed out. They still do not have enough capital with regard to all the bad debt out there…yet still they survive, and swallow up smaller banks who were not blessed enough to know the right people in government.

So…even if the Tea Party is successful, they will not manage enough people to get their agenda through. The main benefit we will get from it is an awakening to all those incumbents that remain…that they serve us, not vice-versa. Before I vote for any Tea Party candidate, I will vett them…of course they can’t be a loon…that goes without saying.


Wow…thanks for the magnanimity…perhaps you should read my words instead of assuming we are on different sides…

And just for a little info, I spend HOURS faxing and calling my Senators and Congresswoman before TARP passed demanding that they not agree to any bailouts. I am more of an activist than most and I suspect that just because folks have views that they feel open to sharing online, doesn’t mean they actively attempt to make change occur. I do hope that Elizabeth Warren is able to make strides and from what I’ve seen, she’s pretty levelheaded.

Geithner and Bernake and Paulson should be strung up in my book.


I did read your words..and at first they came across as bitter and vitriolic…at least towards the Tea Party. Who am I to know what is in your mind?
It is good to know we are in agreement then…and thanks for your efforts.

I will make one last comment. My bitterness or in fact as my husband says my being “astringent” is mine to own and not for you to judge. I come by who I am honestly and without apology. I will continue to be “bitter” and realistic so the world might become a better place for the children in my world since it is a mess right now.

You are correct that you do not know my mind because you have never met me. Good reason to not make personal judgments about folks who you see a post written by.

You should probably drop this…my opinion as well is just as valid as yours…and your comment regarding the Tea Party members was derogatory. If you don’t know what Tea Bagging is…perhaps you should watch Will Ferrell in Step Brothers.


Opinions differ from personal judgments. And at no point did I invalidate your opinion or your right to it. I see that you take offense at being called a Teabagger. Others coined the phrase well before Will Ferrell…

This is my last comment. I gave you the benefit of the doubt…that should suffice. The fact that you claim “Teabagger” is a word that existed prior to Will Ferrel’s usage of it is complete nonsense…that term’s been around a lot longer than the existence of the tea party. It is derogative…and I did judge you based on your usage of it. Like I said…I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but you feel entitled to use this term freely…and expect your opinion not to be judged. Don’t be naive here…

Good bye OG. I will miss your thoughts and your gift of benevolence in allowing me to have an opinion. Have a swell day.
BTW for more information about the sex act referred to above and how it was coined go to…ki/Tea_bag_%28sexual_act%29


Whatever MouthOne…feel free to continue using these derogatory remarks (and throw in “retard”, “faggot”, etc. while you are at it…)…I’m sure it makes your opinions stand out as gleaming examples of intellect that shine above all others…


Thanks I guess. I am not really much of a name caller so I will refuse your permission to use the phrases you offer. I like to think of myself as having a dry sense of allusive humor ie my use of TeaBagger.


You shouldn’t think of my permission as a mandate…think of it as a suggestion generated by your own logic….after all, making fun of people is hilarious…har har har…

MouthOne Actually the funny thing is that the discussion was pulled from rape, incest and abortion to your perspective of me. That is sad and indicative of how America is failing these days. Again OG, good bye. Seriously. GoodBye. No…I really mean it. GoodBye now.

We are hanging by a thread…of Glen Beck’s nosehair…

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

To get to know the freaks behind the crazies movement really only requires looking more closely at Mormons.  Mormons believe that when the Constitution is hanging by a thread that they are called to take over.  Throughout history there have been movements specifically forged by the Mormon Church to take over due to social issues they disagree with or whatever.  If you look closely at the new party rising up, you will find fundamentalist christianity and mormonism rampant in the background. Again with the push for theocracy!

And Joe Miller’s demand that the minority take hold of Congress by its bollocks and shut it down in order to force the President to do what they want.  So “democracy” by force? Dictatorship? Plutocracy? Or just a simple economic coup?

I just don’t get it. After being assailed by a fellow “liberal” about my use of the word TeaBagger, I would like to make a statement. TeaBagging has been a time honored sexual act used by more than just a few gay men. Thanks to pop culture it morphed into a talking point and, like all things in American culture, it was assimilated as a point of commentary. I can not and will not allow the freak show calling itself the Tea Party to take hold with that moniker. It is an affront to the ACTUAL Boston Tea Party.

Politics is a dirty business BUT couched in ridiculous language. I am a little bit offended that someone on Jerry Brown’s campaign referred to Meg Whitman as a “whore” but less than if they called her a “skank” because the meanings of these words are very different.  I don’t see that “skank” is applicable since I do not desire to have any info about Meg’s sex life and she doesn’t seem to fit the description of a “skank”.

However, if she sells her influence to people in exchange for a benefit then, linguistically, “whore” isn’t a slur- more a descriptive. I think it is fascinating that the Right gets their panties in a twist when they feel words are hurtful to them but are willing to say things about Dems that even I am shocked by.

I remember being called unpatriotic for criticizing Bush and yet when someone “slips” and “accidentally” calls for the assassination of a sitting President (not once but THREE TIMES), the flap barely registers anywhere but the Huffington Post.

Now THAT is what should be labeled hypocrisy! Perhaps the hypocrisy is why we are hanging by that creepy thread.

Whatever happened to truth in advertising?

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

I hate Meg Whitman. Not because she’s a Republican. Mostly because she has spent over $140 million on ads to buy the Governor post in California. I take great issue with people who spend vast amounts of personal wealth to throw their weight around.  Generally these are people who already have the ear of those in power so there is really no reason to run for the office itself. It is also conspicuous consumerism on steroids.

It wouldn’t be such a big deal if she actually was saying something other than “Steve Poizner sucks.” or “Jerry Brown sucks.” Unfortunately, she has no real political vocabulary nor any ideas that don’t just focus on her and her cronies. On top of it, she is one of the “elite” that Caribou Barbie so often refers to. Meg is missing out on reality.  As a CEO, she did her job. No one refutes that. However, capitalism requires that corporations value profit over people.  And whether her most recent ad claims she doesn’t intend to run the state like a corporation, how could she avoid doing so?

It is what she knows and in fact ALL she knows.  She has no experience running and managing government or even a non-profit. She claims she understands lean but her company’s use of private jets and memberships in country clubs belies that statement.

What could $140 million buy in California? A school district? A fire house or two? A few repaved roads? An earthquake safe overpass? There are thousands of things that money would have been better spent on.  In fact, if she had donated that to the state to save a group of public schools, I would have voted for her. Largess is appropriate when giving back to OTHERS, not oneself.  Sadly Meg’s not so smart about people. And to make matters worse she’s pretending that the housekeeper she fired was family? She’s acting like it is everyone’s fault but her own.

Here’s the reality. Any bad news about Republican candidates is like empty air. Republicans vote party line. Even if their candidate is a hypocrite, rapist, plutocrat, bad employer, etc. Democrats don’t forgive and because of our unwillingness to accept some bad with the good, we will lose the house this year. To nutjobs and bad-shit crazies masquerading as women.

Been a while and yet…

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

So I’ve been deeply mired in event planning for my job – that wonderful thing that makes me lucky in this day and age. No time or energy to write. Of course my brain has not turned off so I have so many things to share. Where to restart?

The Era of Men is gone. Really? Or are they using their penises to get it back again? I hate watching the news anymore. Pretty much every report includes one of these phrases “GOP”, “Democrats, or “sexually assaulted”. Firstly, why is the media so afraid to use the word “rape”? Are they afraid that it might bias folks? Or it is simply that most people do not take rape seriously?

When 1 in 4 women will be raped in their lifetime, perhaps ALL people need to demand justice for the atrocity that is rape. I remember in college, a young man said to me, “It isn’t fair that women can have abortions without speaking to the guy first. Don’t I have a say?”And my response is the same as it ever was “No, you do not have a say until you, as a male, stop rapists amongst your species.” He retorted that attacks weren’t his fault. I agreed that while that part was true, he still had more power as a man to STOP rapes.

By not degrading women or disrespecting them.

By not convincing young women that their only value is in the way they are perceived sexually and convincing young men that taking is NOT the same as asking.

By making sure all adults understand the word “consent” and that having sex with woman under the influence of anything means she is less capable of consent.

By helping women raised in a culture that removes their power find their own voices, strength and self-esteem to fight back – verbally and physically if necessary.

By undoing the machismo they are surrounded by and correcting the aggression of their own kind.

In a story so angering I could actually punch most men in their family jewels, a high rise apartment building in Walnut Creek has suffered 5 rapes in a matter of weeks.  And no one made moves to stop it after the first two. They have added security guards but the residents feel so unsafe that no additional bodies are going to help. The fact that one rapist – whose DNA they found on the victims – was in jail for three rapes when the fourth and fifth attacks occurred truly highlights how pervasive rape is. How is it possible that one location could be so full of evil men? Or is it as simple as men feeling that they can take anything they want and treat women as objects to defile and degrade. How pathetic are these men? How impotent? How lacking and limp?

The worst part of this story is that the apartment owners are forcing people to hold their leases or pay thousands in penalties. How is that not an affront to every woman who lives there? Clearly the company does not value their lives or their vaginas enough to allow them to leave without penalty. Like an abusive man forcing them to stay where they are with no way out. Sick fucks.

And onto Rhianna and Eminem’s homage to domestic abuse. WTF? I love some of Rhianna’s music and was very sad to see her injuries broadcast after her boyfriend, Chris Brown, beat the crap out of her before an award show (nothing like a jealous guy).  That said, how on earth could she possibly be part of an anthem romanticizing violent attacks? And one that has been called a “monster hit”. Who is buying the messages?

And co-written by Mr. Abusive himself, Marshall Mathers aka Eminem. I don’t want to slam him based on his past but it is hard not to as he continues to write songs that happily include women asking to be beaten and killed. His constant glorification of abusive relationships leads me to believe any woman (not a girl) in her right mind wouldn’t come within 10 feet of his fists. And the simple fact that he felt Rhianna was the right choice to bring the message is astounding and naive.

The media MUST stop portraying passion as violence. If someone cannot separate their own passion from violent urges, they need therapy – not a recording contract or millions of adoring fans.