Slash and Burn…led by the Devil himself

Hmmm…manifesto…sounds like a tasty meat product and yet the thought of this kind of meat makes my stomach turn. Propaganda and destruction sandwich promised by the dark lord himself.

A manifesto in the greatest tradition of dictators (a plutocracy of mainly white men with the only goal of keeping riches to themselves) – they are hoping to wield it as a weapon. Yet the people they are attacking are themselves.  Their hyperbole and self-loathing are acts of deepest cynicism.

Are you listening? They have big plans…well only in the sense that they plan to repeal things. They want to take away the very health care that you didn’t have only months ago.  Your children who have moved home after college and have no health care will return to having to go to the ER each and every time they pick up an STD or ear infection.

Your college graduate children who DON’T have jobs thanks to an economic meltdown and deficit (wars cost a BUTTLOAD of money at the same time they make you feel like a big bad ass) caused by years of Republican control of the House and Senate  and a moron in the White House for 8 of the last 10 years. (The GOP knows they caused this shit but like BP and PG&E they would like someone else to pick up the check for it) Really?

All they have to offer is devolution (anyone not know what that means? It means becoming less and less evolved because they are too cretinous to move forward).

What did you expect would happen two years ago when you FINALLY got mad enough to get rid of Howdy Doody and his cronies (sort of)? Did you think the new administration would wave a magic wand and it would be fixed? And you could go back to being slovenly and oblivious? And wander the country saying “I’m not political” or “I hate talking about politics”. You didn’t give a rat’s ass about the state of politics until a nutbag from the meth capitol of Alaska started whining about how things aren’t as good as they once were. Or as white as they once were.  Seriously?

And THEY have the gall to demand changes to parliamentary procedure? America doesn’t read. America wouldn’t read about a bill if it was the last thing ever written. Even better- they aren’t specific except on petty things. They have NO PLAN. They are all so frakking arrogant that they think they are smarter than the scientists and the economists and pretty much everyone else.  Except the “Joe Plumbers” and “Caribou Barbies”. They trust those fools.

And I love that Rep. Pete Sessions from Texas (but of course) thinks that writing something down makes their plan better.  So ironic that he thinks cynicism will be put to rest via rhetoric. Even deeply right-wing voices are screaming about this lame and nonsensical act of…what? Anger? Fear of the extremism in their midst? Plain ignorance?

Actions speak louder than words. Get off your asses and vote for people who do something, not just throw around 21 pages of horseshit.

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