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Hold the Phone…a pro-life feminist? Oxymoron or Wasilla Moron?

Friday, September 24th, 2010

First off, I am not an ardent fan of any politicians. I do however have a clear picture of who is not appropriately named in politics. “Pro-life Feminist?” Republicans are not feminists, if they restrict a woman’s right to do with her body what she will. Basic tenet of feminism (Man-hating is only applicable in feminist theory to women who have been abused, raped or similarly violently degraded).

Secondly, aren’t you ladies fighting for less government involvement? You want the government to leave yours guns alone but you are happy to have the government’s hands on your daughters, sisters, wives and mothers? How exactly is the TeaBagger movement about smaller government and less taxes when all they bitch and moan about is women controlling their own bodies and masturbation?

Hypocrisy is the Republican banner but this is laughable. And I stand behind one Senator who has stated clearly that men only have the right to a conversation about abortion if their partner invites them to or the day they grow a uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Sorry boys, I don’t tell you how to handle your bodily business. You don’t get to tell me how to handle mine.  Don’t make me legislate those “night emissions” like Christine O’Donnell wants to.  Would destroy your fantasy about ladies in leather wielding a cat o’nine tails, right?

Thirdly, no abortion in the case of rape or incest (which to be clear is child-rape by a male family member)? So Sarah Palin, if Bristol had been raped by Levi or Todd for that matter, would you have told her to raise the offspring of an abuser? I doubt it.  And if you told her to raise it, wouldn’t you be a second perpetrator?

The part that angers me the most about these “women” is that they live in a world where other women aren’t targeted. Statistically, one in four women will be raped in her lifetime. If these women –Angle, O’Donnell, Palin, Fiorina, Whitman– aren’t part of that statistic, they are lucky bitches.

My question to Palin: she has three daughters and Alaska is number one in the country for numbers of women raped and or domestically abused. And one in four before the age of 12. Dontcha love that? A state of pedophiles.

And in Palin’s case, as the mother of a child with disabilities, who has railed against the world’s treatment of children like hers (while she flings him around like a sack of potatoes and as a prop for campaigns), she should know that people with disabilities are twice as likely to be attacked.

Why are these candidates, like Sharon Angle and Carly Fiorina, so filled with hatred for other females? No one is stopping men from raping or sodomizing yet these “women” would block a girl’s ability to eradicate signs of the attack off of herself.  Our culture and society barely protects women from their own spouse’s abuse. Imagine telling a girl of 15, raped by the group of men and boys who were “friends” that she would have to carry the evidence of the crime for 9 months and care for it for 18 years.

How cruel. How inhumane. How Republican.

Slash and Burn…led by the Devil himself

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Hmmm…manifesto…sounds like a tasty meat product and yet the thought of this kind of meat makes my stomach turn. Propaganda and destruction sandwich promised by the dark lord himself.

A manifesto in the greatest tradition of dictators (a plutocracy of mainly white men with the only goal of keeping riches to themselves) – they are hoping to wield it as a weapon. Yet the people they are attacking are themselves.  Their hyperbole and self-loathing are acts of deepest cynicism.

Are you listening? They have big plans…well only in the sense that they plan to repeal things. They want to take away the very health care that you didn’t have only months ago.  Your children who have moved home after college and have no health care will return to having to go to the ER each and every time they pick up an STD or ear infection.

Your college graduate children who DON’T have jobs thanks to an economic meltdown and deficit (wars cost a BUTTLOAD of money at the same time they make you feel like a big bad ass) caused by years of Republican control of the House and Senate  and a moron in the White House for 8 of the last 10 years. (The GOP knows they caused this shit but like BP and PG&E they would like someone else to pick up the check for it) Really?

All they have to offer is devolution (anyone not know what that means? It means becoming less and less evolved because they are too cretinous to move forward).

What did you expect would happen two years ago when you FINALLY got mad enough to get rid of Howdy Doody and his cronies (sort of)? Did you think the new administration would wave a magic wand and it would be fixed? And you could go back to being slovenly and oblivious? And wander the country saying “I’m not political” or “I hate talking about politics”. You didn’t give a rat’s ass about the state of politics until a nutbag from the meth capitol of Alaska started whining about how things aren’t as good as they once were. Or as white as they once were.  Seriously?

And THEY have the gall to demand changes to parliamentary procedure? America doesn’t read. America wouldn’t read about a bill if it was the last thing ever written. Even better- they aren’t specific except on petty things. They have NO PLAN. They are all so frakking arrogant that they think they are smarter than the scientists and the economists and pretty much everyone else.  Except the “Joe Plumbers” and “Caribou Barbies”. They trust those fools.

And I love that Rep. Pete Sessions from Texas (but of course) thinks that writing something down makes their plan better.  So ironic that he thinks cynicism will be put to rest via rhetoric. Even deeply right-wing voices are screaming about this lame and nonsensical act of…what? Anger? Fear of the extremism in their midst? Plain ignorance?

Actions speak louder than words. Get off your asses and vote for people who do something, not just throw around 21 pages of horseshit.

Hmmm. Social Contract or Contract with America redux?

Monday, September 20th, 2010

I remember the ’94 election and the bloodbath on that election day brought by the evangelicals. Led by the whitest, puffiest sadist of the party (at the time…he now looks tan, beneficent and svelte next to Limbaugh and Beck), Mr. Salamander Gingrich himself. He helped introduce the Contract with America (which inferred that every other election lacked agenda?).

They created the “transparency” that the public has so longed for (not sure that is true),  in a contract which never held that purpose. The contract’s goal was to create a party-line agenda for the coming decade, thus beginning the most polarized and divisive Congressional epoch in history. And it failed.

That said, it was a device most foul and effective in getting the GOP elected in ’94.  In 2010, the GOP needs to keep their eyes on their bastard stepchildren, the TeaBaggers, rather than creating a national policy playbook.  Consensus isn’t possible when the “mavericks” and those so far outside the norm (I don’t care what polls say about anger and this election – anger is an emotion for everyone, not just bat-shit crazies) are seen to be leading and setting the party’s tone and policy(as if they have any real policy awareness or knowledge).

My Republican friends (hard to believe) will never vote Dem because they are part of the “No” crowd – no civil rights, no taxes, no fiscal responsibility, no choice. They will simply choose to abstain from voting (Meg Whitman style) rather than choose a “Palin”- dumb, loud, uneducated, crass and, as equally dishonest as the next TeaBagger.

I hope they do demand a national referendum of all candidates especially since some of the nutbags are setting it.  The original Contract for (or was it ON?) America stayed pretty far away from social issues that the leadership knew would create too much local blowback. This time, the inmates running the asylum will be incapable of holding back their moralizing, vitriol and hypocrisy.

Watch Christine O’Donnell shit herself with the thought of having to make sense in an interview (Wicca anyone? And she is so ignorant that she thinks Satan and Wicca are even in the same dimension) with CNN or worse with Fox’s golden boy O’Reilley when she spewed nonsense about mice with human brains. Though Douglas Adams might have been right after all.  She is the best laid plan of mice.

The best example of full blown hypocrisy is her stance against masturbation. It doesn’t jive well with her desire to be free from taxation or the purview of government. It means that all those evil and icky men will have to stop “adjusting themselves” and women the world over will need to either ignore the morning wood or wake up every day to a blow job before their own blow outs.

Would she go so far as to make ANY male emission illegal (because she doesn’t mention female masturbation or our large toy collections) because of the slaughter of millions of sperm? And wouldn’t it be a little unfair to men that they always have evidence of this crime? One wonders why she really fears it. Maybe she is so fearful of her own lack of sexual energy and attractiveness that she wants to mandate that her husband can’t touch himself? She can’t control what he is thinking during sex (probably Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johannsen in a three way or maybe just an average gal who likes sex) while she lays there like a dead fish, so what’s the point?

Her “points of view”, as well as those of Sharon Angle, are proof of why we actually should educate women. In universities. Not sponsored by Oral Roberts. These ladies will take them so far from average baseline America that all the Dems have to do it show up and watch them eat themselves. Like a snake. Eating its tail.

Twisted Faith my a$$…

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Here it is again…believers shocked to find that their naivete and faith had been taken advantage of…stumbled onto this ridiculous video after having a cupcake induced sugar rush.

A question for all the faithful: would you have sex with your pastor if he, or even she, said god told you to? Seriously? These women said that they felt that their sins would be cleansed by cheating on their husbands with this shyster. How does bullshit ring true? Why would your omnipotent god need you to have sex with anyone, let alone a youth pastor?

And how or why does the media feed this shit to the masses?

This passage from the transcript above is so telling about the media’s complicity in the Great Lie.

MANKIEWICZ: Do you think Sandy really heard that prophecy, or did Nick somehow manipulate her into believing that?

Pastor BILY: Well, you’re leaving out a third option.


Pastor BILY: Well, she could have heard from satanic or demonic forces that are giving her inspiration as well, because they speak to people. They give people ideas.

Really? And somehow this man has not been treated for his mental illness…typically hearing voices is associated with Bi-polar disorder and most commonly with Schizophrenia. Yet not one blinks an eye when a friend says god spoke to them. I guess it only matters to the faithful when god requests a slaying. No one at this church questioned the orders of a pastor when he emotionally blackmailed them into having sex with him.

I suppose I should let it go because it isn’t really my business and sleep with the knowledge that stupidity can be self-selecting in the gene pool (obviously not in the Palin household – and I’m not referring to the baby). But I can’t because it is this absolute lack of common sense and wrong thinking that has led to this insane rise in angry white folks carrying misspelled signs to race encoded rallies bitching about what they have lost.

Jebus but they have no idea what loss and lack look like.

Let’s Change Our Motto in America to “Whiny Racist Facist Theocracy”

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.
Mark Twain

I continue to marvel at the arrogance of Wall Street. They sell imaginary things – derivatives, futures and promises, OH MY – and expect respect. I’m not the biggest fan of our President, but not for TeaBagger “reasons”.

I do not think he has gone far enough and I do not think he knows what he thinks.

I get that rich people don’t like him because he would like the world to be fair.  I get that most of his other detractors are pretty racist – in the “I have a friend who is black” way. My best friend once made the point that to be racist – or any other “ist” – you don’t have to hate the other. You just have to believe you are better than the other color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. I’ll get back to the TeaBaggers later.

After reading several articles about the anger of the upper class, I want to drive to NYC and slap those fat little bitches around myself. I understand that we all struggle at our own level. My family makes ends meet. But mostly because we own no home and drive cars that are at least 5 years old. We make responsible choices and live within our means. I lived just as modestly before the crash as I do now. I watched Wall Street’s Pied Pipers running amok with the housing market and the “give it to me now” credit to anyone with a pulse. I am certain that the current President didn’t cause this clusterfuck.

In fact, the rich who are wailing about taxes today were the same ones who cracked bottles of champagne and flipped off cameras, as they got ill-deserved bonuses in the middle of an economic meltdown that they had a heavy hand in causing. Who do they think they are? Without the public they so gleefully dismiss, they would be out of jobs. If Wall Street is an island unto itself and needs no public favor, I wonder who’s money they are rolling around naked on?

And don’t kid yourself. THEY are doing just fine. The Dow is back over 10,000 where it doesn’t belong. If you think that it helps you for Wall Street to succeed, stop and think about your money – where it come from, where it goes, how much you benefit directly, and where it is created.  Fundamentally we use the numbers of pieces of green paper to barter for goods (though at the moment we just aren’t buying).  They take those scraps of paper and build origami castles with them and call it a sound investment. Until you try to step through the paper mache door and find that it made of air.

Imagine taking all that is owed to you out of the market (Forget the fees cause they are going to fuck you over for some of it either way). Imagine everyone taking the parts owed to them. What would be left? A bunch of white “masters of what?” Without your money they have nothing. No power.  No swagger. Nothing of worth or note.

Remember that when you go to the polls to vote out your local representatives. They are all complicit and yet they are all controlled by the facade of Wall Street.


Saturday, September 18th, 2010

The Pope demands that religion have a voice in public policy. Seriously? Been to America recently? Oh right, of course he has. And his visit to the UK seems to be going…much like visits to other countries who have had enough of the theocratic and rape-centered religious plutocracy.

So Pope Benny, how is it you believe that the shame and chastisement of your followers, not the arrest of your personal rapists, will heal the wounds of the wounded? How will your pedantic and worthless words fix a child restrained by one of your priests and anally raped? Where is your accountability and responsibility? Don’t you have a direct line to your god? Can’t you ask him to fix your problems? Or at least punish and smite the perpetrators?

Where is your power? Where is your god?His support in the US has not waned but I suspect most of that is due to our own plutocracy. Don’t believe me? Check out these stats.  I know, I know, Republicans (specifically TeaBaggers) don’t like numbers – maybe because they can’t do math or maybe because numbers don’t lie. How much money does the Vatican throw at these politicians under the table? How many little children do they have to destroy before the church is castrated?

John Boehner…a coporate god or the devil?

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Ha.  I love to use theocratic nonsensical language to describe politicians. I figure they rape and abuse religious mythology to get what they want, so I feel obliged to use their own language.

John Boehner is the devil.  Maybe it’s the stink of his cigarettes mingled with evil or his spray tan mixed with the corporate effluent. But here are a few reasons:

  • He doesn’t believe in global warming. Of course not. He needs the weather to get better, right? It’s a bit too cool for his liking.
  • He doesn’t believe in evolution. Again it wouldn’t help his dastardly cause.
  • He doesn’t believe in abortion. He wants more souls so more babies MUST be born.
  • He doesn’t like poor people. The devil only likes the rich. 😉
  • He doesn’t like others who aren’t white or straight. As he was created by a bunch of old white men in their image, it makes complete sense. He also supports gay-bashing. He’s just jealous about the backdoor sex.
  • Corporations are his home. Hell is corporate America.  OMG that is PROOF!
  • LOVES the death penalty. ‘Nuff Said.
  • Bathes in crude oil. It’s why he has nary a wrinkle. As a heavy smoker and tanorexic, he should have more wrinkles than a Shar-Pei.
  • HATES education. Again, ’nuff said. As French poet Baudelaire said, “the devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist!”

Boehner’s recent short expose by the NYTimes will be ignored by Ohio (because they don’t know where NY is? Or their education system has failed them?).  It is a sad truth that all politicians are owned by corporations but none so proudly as Boehner.

“I know your race. It is made up of sheep. It is governed by minorities, seldom or never by majorities. It suppresses its feelings and its beliefs and follows the handful that makes the most noise. Sometimes the noisy handful is right, sometimes wrong; but no matter, the crowd follows it.” Mark Twain ‘The Mysterious Stranger’

PG & E ducking for cover due to DEADLY explosion…

Friday, September 10th, 2010

More like Pay us Gold and you won’t Explode

So. Isn’t it interesting that PG&E has repeatedly been cited for “significant” errors and lacking infrastructure BUT they could spend $46 million trying to block local energy providers.  Well I guess they thought, if we can’t charge them, burn them.

Teabaggers don’t understand taxes…

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

And apparently neither do some government workers.  This election is bringing out of the darkness all sorts of fun things – owed back taxes by Federal workers, the politician’s offspring writing a book about her views (VErY progressive but still claims conservative status – oh the irony),  religious nutbags (specific ones, not just the ones who believe in sky gods)  threaten to burn other holy books, and the most important part of a modern election, the ignorant and ill-informed voter (often from Ohio or some other rust belt state).

I love to watch the news especially when they give 10% of their time to racist, overweight, white men’s rallies bitching about taxation and 90% to Meg “I’m such a positive role model – remember NOT to vote” Whitman ads. For those who need info, I would like to break down why taxes exist.

As much as TeaBaggers go on and on about the taxes most of them don’t pay , it must be stated that our community is not an island unto itself. In order to not have our houses burn down or our belongings stolen or have our children grow up ignorant, we need groups able to handle those possible occurrences without each of us having to take on the cost burden all by ourselves.  Especially if our neighbors have the same needs. Someone thought of a great idea of pooling their funds so they could get all of these services at a FRACTION of the actual cost. THAT IS SO SMART!

We were all born into a social contract. That is a rather good thing because if you had not, you most likely would be unable to read the words I am typing.  Sadly the TeaBaggers obviously didn’t get much schoolin’ or they would understand the basic underpinnings of our society.

My idea for years has been to cut off services to anyone who refuses to pay taxes unless the emergency or such affects a taxpayer.  I know it creates a class system.  That is why our taxes are based on earnings, not a flat tax.

Attention TeaBaggers!

This is what your world would look like.

If you get into a car accident and you refuse to pay taxes, don’t expect fire, police and an ambulance.

If you want to use roads, then pay your taxes.

If you want to breathe clean air, you need to pay taxes.

If you want your kids to be schooled without YOU having to do it(and mind you probably don’t have the skillset to do so), pay your taxes.

If you want a chance police presence will stop your house from being broken into, pay your taxes.

If you don’t want to represent yourself in court after you accidentally shoot your 16 year old daughter sneaking back into the house at 2am(because you thought owning a gun was the answer and thought you were a perfect shot), pay your taxes.

If you don’t want to be left in your home to die alone, pay your taxes.

Signing off.


Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

I am fascinated by the sudden outpouring of vitriol against the good people at Dove Racist…I mean World Outreach Center.  I mean, don’t they speak the word of god? Isn’t that crazy SOB as connected to god as say, the Pope? No? And since when is it not considered newsworthy that some christian (whether other christians accept him or not) nutbag plans to burn the Quran?

According to the AP, they don’t want to distribute images that will inflame violence. Really? So when they repeatedly showed the torture of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers and the CIA, um, “contractors”, that wasn’t too much, too violent, too gratuitous, too harmful to relations with the mid-east? Or showing Saddam Hussein’s hanging?

Interesting that just when a christian sect throws down the gauntlet of religious warfare, suddenly all the other christian cherry-pickers are aghast and ashamed. I have heard “good christians” rail against muslims, other faiths and those of us without faith in sky gods. I have heard these folks talk about turning the sand to glass or sending “them” back to the middle ages (I’m pretty sure they aren’t much further than the 18th century in most respects as it is).

Funny when it gets serious and deadly that it really shows how little faith these people really have. If there is a god they believe in, wouldn’t it intercede or would it allow for the destruction? Or is this all about creating Armageddon? I am astonished at how badly believers want the apocalypse. They talk about the rapture as if it will be pleasant and as if they will actually go with their loved ones.