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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Welcome to my blog.  I want to start off with a subject that shouldn’t be too controversial.  Movies.

To be clearer, remakes or reimaginings or someone’s ego project. What is it about Hollywood?! Take things that are classics or were perfect to begin with and replace the normal looking lead with Brad Pitt or have another writer take a stab at it.  Take for example “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”.

What is wrong with the beautifully filmed and raw emotionality of the original Swedish movies? Is it as simple as people being too lazy to read subtitles? Or that scenes without music actually reflect the weight of living in a country that is dark six months out of twelve?

The Swedish film is beautifully shot, cold, harsh, nuanced, offensive, sensual, heart-breaking and redeeming.   Noomi Rapace plays a broken and pieced together with steel Lisbeth.  Her portrayal is stunning – at times harder than diamond and other times there are cracks so vulnerable it hurts to watch.  Initially you want to dislike her or be afraid of her but, as the movies progress and she faces every woman’s nightmares, you being to see her as an avenging angel.  According to IMDB, she will be replaced in the American version by Rooney Mara.

There is something important about characters being contextual. The amazing Swedish actress who took on this role has almost 10 years more life and film experience than Rooney.  But once again, when Americans get their hands on something, they replace the women with much younger girls and the men with slightly better looking versions of the original.  Daniel Craig is set to replace Michael Nyqvist in the role of Mikael.

I cannot believe the American version will include the breathtaking realism and misery of Lisbeth’s character experience.  Americans are notoriously afraid to film or watch rape scenes but take no issue with beating the crap out of a woman or treating a woman as props.  As a rape survivor, it is close to impossible to sit through rape scenes in movies mostly because of the added dramatization of soundtracks and the simple fact that the women are rarely, if ever, shown as something other than victims.

The Lisbeth character FOUGHT BACK every second she was being attacked and raped. That is a truer account of reality than the Hollywood portrayals of a poor girl who was just another victim.  My hat is off to the people behind the Swedish imports who discovered these fascinating and terrifying books after Steig’s death and turned them into movies he would have been proud of.

While it is being directed by David Fincher, I do not believe that it will offer anything more than the original other than English dialogue and a different score.The other remake that has my panties in a twist is “Death at a Funeral”.  Are you kidding me?  They took the original script, changed a few jokes and replaced all the Brits with African Americans.  Seriously? I think the little person is even the SAME GUY FROM THE ORIGINAL!

The other remakes that make me crazy aren’t because the movies were the best made ever.  I hate them because they are proof that there are no original ideas anymore.  At least in Hollywood.  “Arthur” – I guess Dudley Moore’s Oscar has to be returned or handed over to Russell Brand. “Barbarella” – I love Rose McGowan as much as anyone but honestly, she is no Jane Fonda in the Orgasmatron.  “Flash Gordon” – You must be insane. No Freddie Mercury soundtrack? Then it just isn’t Flash “stands for ev’ry one of us, he’ll save ev’ry one of us” Gordon.

Sad. So very sad.  Maybe Hollywood should stop recycling old ideas and channel some of those funds into schools so the kid’s imaginations are supported.  Might even churn out some ORIGINAL ideas.

Stay Tuned…upcoming topics include:

  • How is Megan McCain or any other political offspring remotely qualified to be a political analyst?
  • Has anyone noticed the right bias of ABC? Is CBS the last bastion of reasonable reporting? Or should we all tune in to BBC News so we get a REAL picture of the happenings in the world?
  • Why can’t people accept life as it is rather than invoking Jesus, God, Allah, whatever? So you won something – how exactly did Jesus have a hand in that? Or you lost – again was Jesus mad at you? Had you said something about evolution that peeved the prince of peace? Like “if there is no such thing as evolution, why do men have nipples? Was our “father” high the day he created man?” Yeah I can see how that might upset a GOD…
  • And many more…