Been a while

February 15th, 2011

Dear Readers,

It has been such a long time since last I put fingers to keyboard. My absence was due to being successful in my day job only to be fired by a boss who was threatened. Onward and upward. I have joined the other 10 million Americans without a job and few prospects in sight. Being a non-profit fundraiser is one of the most thankless positions. The millions raised by some of us have kept social services the government cannot or will not fund in place. The positions in this area are also few and far between. Even given the exceptional amount of free time I find myself with, I was faced with writer’s block for the first time in my life and couldn’t type more than 140 characters.

The despot who exterminated my involvement said that one of the reasons he was getting rid of me was that I was a bad writer. He considered himself just an “okay writer” and felt that my writing was not even to that level. From someone who wrote most things by committee, this charge against my skills was not happily or openly received. I found myself on the other side of the looking glass with his reasoning about my work. I raised 20% over the year before in the middle of a recession and that just wasn’t good enough. In order to say a fine “Fuck You” to him, I am going to begin writing again.  I hope you will continue to join my journey and I look forward to the discussion.

Pedophiles on the rise?

December 14th, 2010

It seems to me as of late the pedophiles are becoming more brazen than ever. Why might that be?  A few weeks ago a man approached a TWO year old girl and began to RAPE HER in the middle of a store in front of other people. A toddler. And today an eight year old was assaulted by a man in Walmart who grabbed her and put his hands in down her pants. In the middle of Walmart where there are cameras every few feet to catch folks stealing crappy merchandise from China. Somehow they missed a man with his hands down the pants of a little girl who was crying.  Seriously. Those who stand by and watch are equally to blame.  I have had enough. If you haven’t, then you are part of the problem. Babies. Toddlers. RAPED. Can you just not comprehend it? Or is it arousing?

I deeply appreciate the men who flattened these suspects and held them for the police. It is the least I would expect. That said, how many men think the Lolita fantasy is okay? Having sex of any kind with a child is rape, statutory or forcible.  Why aren’t these sick fucks held more responsible? Why can’t the punishment fit their actions? Chemical castration isn’t the answer really. Finding the point in the brain that controls arousal and obliterating it would be fairer. Molesters repeat. Rapists repeat. There is no conditioning that the pure need for control doesn’t override. There are sex offenders who CHOSE to stay in a special prison called McNeil Island because they cannot control their urges. Straight from the horses mouth. Maybe all sexual offenders should be placed on islands. Sadly, I’m afraid we would run out of islands.

Why isn’t this an issue every woman gets angry about? Why aren’t fathers, brothers, uncles fighting alongside their daughters, sisters, nieces to eradicate sexual assault and aggression?

Rape as means to “convert”…

November 30th, 2010

Most. Disgusting. Comment. Ever.

I understand that most men do not understand women. Lesbian, Bi or Straight. We are all aliens. I get that they feel powerless in our multi-tasking presence.  Our breasts are too distracting for all those “little minds” to not stray from important work. I also understand that being able to think more than one thought per moment is quite overwhelming to those who think in single thoughts and on single tracks. What I do not get is the enraged destruction of the fairer sex.

Do these “men” really believe that their dicks are made of gold or have magical powers to turn lesbians into submissive 50s housewives? Do they really think that sex acts are all that separates straight from gay? And understand that love has nothing to do with sex?  Or do these men simply lack? Imagination? Self-esteem? Size? Prowess?

This asinine and boorish perspective is not just dangerous, it is an invitation to the lowest common denominators of males. The Rapist. The Molester. The South African male.

Everyone is complaining about the treason over the WikiLeaks release (frankly, egg on your face is not treason) and yet no one has blinked an eyelash about these treacherous and malevolent comments. Seems it is more important to save face in the world at large among nations whose treatment of the MAJORITY of their citizens is worse than how they would treat a dog. Not important to worry about illegally groping men and women – many of whom already suffer PTSD from being raped or sexually assaulted in their lifetimes. Or worry about how we trade our minerals for producing our most prized possessions for the degradation and dehumanizing war against women.

I am not a man hater. I am simply deeply disappointed with a lot of men on the whole. Where is the impetus to stop hurting those who the species needs to survive? Where are the men to fight back against those who rape and those who stand by and watch. According to some, the TSA groping is “not that big a deal”. Isn’t it? A stranger gives you the choice to be groped or irradiated. Sounds a lot like a threat to me.  And with more and more proof that it won’t keep everyone “safe”, there is no true movement to demand a change. What the “not a big deal” crowd is missing is the actual point. Indignity is not the issue. Power is. And power is what rape is truly about.

Just like everything that is wrapped up in the statement from the criminal AG of Virginia. How can he be allowed to incite rape of women who are lesbians without censure? As a member of the Virginia Bar Association, he should be held MORE accountable for his comments and stances that anyone, as his role is legally pivotal. Also as a devout Catholic, one would think condoning rapes would be something he pays attention to?

I suspect if one of his SEVEN children were a victim of rape (and statistically speaking with 5 daughters the chances are that two will be in their lifetimes), his views would change radically. And if it didn’t, the world would know how desperately evil he truly is.

Recuse because of your DNA?

November 22nd, 2010

Tony Perkins is an ass. Simply put.

His comments and demand for Judge Vaughn Walker to have recused himself from the Prop 8 trial because he is (unconfirmed) gay is as silly as asking a female judge to not to judge any rape cases.

Just because it is funny, doesn’t mean it isn’t true…

November 6th, 2010

In fact a whole lot of funny is only funny because it is true. Therefore Beck isn’t funny…and I’m not referring to the one with two turntables and a microphone.

And I just KNEW that the TeaBaggers couldn’t read. These same people demand that immigrants come here legally and adhere to “our ways”. I think Bloomberg is right. Just as Bush didn’t have a passport, most of these yokels now in charge of our voice to the rest of humanity undoubtedly lack any foreign travel experience at all!

I believe that to run for office anywhere in America a test should be required. A few things that they must know before even running:

  • The Constitution – the WHOLE story including memorizing the preamble and reciting or writing it out, understanding Article 1 – Section 8 and the 16th Amendment AND the fact that the first ten amendments are, in fact, our Bill of Rights
  •  Have to take the same INS test as immigrants who want to become citizens. If our schools are/were good enough, they would have learned basics like the maximum number of Congresspeople and Senators and the meaning of the flag they WRITE on and “defend”
  • Take two mandatory classes – microeconomics and macroeconomics. They obviously need some schoolin’ since they are CLUELESS and magical thinkers – even their own economists think they are stupid!
  • Spend 30 days below poverty line – see what it feels like to fight for survival

Yeah Meg Whitman…

October 29th, 2010

It’s SO profitable to be a public sector worker. That’s why folks flock to the government jobs, right?

Give me a break. The private sector has attempted to paint the public sector as greedy but its workers are, on the whole, paid less or equal their private counterparts. The town of Bell is a example of extreme political abuse. But not even close to the abuse of Goldman Sachs and AIG after the Bailout. It is so hypocritical for Republican aka “corporate whores” to spend any time attacking the public sector.

The public sector builds their roads (or not since they have helicopters), educates their children (or not since they all pay for private schools), puts out their fires, arrests their CEOs (or not since they all get away with murder)…

TSA monster…

October 28th, 2010

So 9/11 was awful. We can all agree on that. Of course more people were killed by tsumanis and earthquakes but I know America felt personally assaulted so we will forever be angry and anti-everything and have to assault everything in our path.

I do not remember giving the TSA the amount of power we have given them. There are all kinds of terrorists. Some are cyberterrorists. Some are suicide bombers.  The majority are male. Like by a HUGE margin. Kind of like serial killers. Only a few women are THAT fucked up.

The TSA has recently decided that the backs of their hands don’t have enough nerve receptors to be able to discern a foreign object on a female airline passenger. And they need to get closer. MUCH closer.

The “Pat Down Procedure”  now includes the groping of genitals and women’s breasts.  If you opt out of having your naked body highlighted by an X-ray machine, they will force you to have a “Pat Down” more akin to a back seat boyfriend on his way to third base. How is that appropriate or legal?

Has a woman suicide bomber tried to blow up a plane recently? I know a woman SENT mail bombs but she didn’t lodge them between her breasts.  So why then has the TSA decided to cup my breasts when my under-wire sets off the stupid machine? Again. A friend of mine said, “Federal law prohibits a man from patting down a woman, if there is a female worker present within the field. TSA will have lawsuits if a man pats down a woman.”

I don’t care if it is a woman or a man. Doesn’t matter if it is a man or a woman. As a more endowed woman, my under wire bras ALWAYS set off the machines and the wands can never work out that it is the under wire. Why do I have to deal with it simply because my biology demands a larger bra with more wire? And am I on the “no fly” list? And why do I have to choose shame and invasion?

So I either get to be an X-Ray porn star or a unwilling grope session. Nice. Welcome to America. Where busty gals take the train.

So morals and ethics are out the window, right? Only if you are a Republican.

October 28th, 2010

Let’s take a moment for story time. These stories boys and girls are about hypocrites. Not to define an entire political party by their members or anything but the Republi-bagger (or HypoBagger?) is the worst of the lot.

First up: We know Louisiana is not what most would use as a moral compass. My family hails from there so I feel like I have some right to speak of it. I not so jokingly refer to the middle part of America as the “Fly over Zone”. As my dad says “There are no fender benders in Louisiana. Everyone drives 60 mph and when they have accidents, they tend to be fatal due to the tree that got in the way.” Doesn’t say much for the genetics of the survivors but maybe Darwin Rules really apply here.  All of the places I have been in my life have shown me how backward most of the US really is and yet the deep south is special.  Historically LA had a governor who kept a prostitute. And no one was bothered. And then there is the Spears “clan”. I won’t waste space but you can imagine.

And of course, there is Sen. David Vitter. The kind and ignorant folk of LA will never remove him from office even though he is (one of the most) vile and hypocritical politicos out there. They will never remove him because they share his values. Really? Like his dalliance with a hooker? The hatred for Obama is visceral for these Southern folk. Remember he is black after all.

Next Hypocrite:

My favorite gal from a neighboring state. Sharon “I’m Asian” Angle.  She’s living in her fantasy world of friendly “media” and has now stated that she will only speak to the “other press” once she is elected. And even Fox won’t touch her because she is insane.  For real?  She afraid they are going to “getcha” (a Palin-nome referring to the moment people identify just how low your IQ actually is).  The BEST news is that when she ISN’T elected because she’s a freaking nutjob, she will stop talking. I wish Meg Whitman would promise the same thing.

Speaking of the whore…I mean candidate for Governor. You want to see hypocrisy? Just pop on over to California. First there is Meggie. Her insistence to continue attack ads about Jerry Brown stealing coupled with her anger that someone third-hand overheard the word “whore” in her general direction is mind boggling. She has NO IDEA how to run a government or be a politician. She has been accused of not being honest herself and yet the jabs keep on rolling in about Brown being a puppet and a thief.   Here’s a little note Meg – politics is a messy sport and if you can’t take the hits, don’t keep launching your own assaults. 

And to close this first chapter of “A Tale of Two Republi-baggers”, we turn to Carly “Look at Me! I’m richer than you!” Fiorina.  She’s a Texan. Not sure most people know that but she is. That must be where she formed her opinions and knowledge of the world. Something about the Texas Board of Edumecation. She isn’t a believer in education and yet has stood high on her own mountain top and proclaimed that it is our own damn fault for not being able to compete in the global economy. Really Carly? Have you thought about how we rank in basic education around the world? And you blame us?

And she is against gays. Yet she had the audacity to steal the font that Ellen deGeneres uses for her show. And Macys too. Hmmm. Red herring? I think not.

And finally, most actual Republicans hate her. She collapsed their friend’s multi-billion dollar business. She really has no points of view other than being “anti-Boxer”.  I have a cousin like this who once attacked me for being cynical. At the time I thought that was the worst possible thing. Until two days later when I realized he was pissed because I was smart enough to discern what I belived for myself and that he didn’t have a view of his own.

THAT is the best part about not being a Hypo-Bagger. I know what I believe without someone else telling me what to say. I have read and understood the Constitution and its various Amendments. I have read many of the Federalist Papers (no Sarah and Christine, they aren’t newspapers printed by the Federal Government on a weekly basis).  I am not a witch. I am also not you. Thank the FSM!

On a positive note…

October 27th, 2010

My lovely husband and I had the most AMAZING Thai meal tonight. I was told the site was good but I was unprepared for the lusciousness of the fresh rolls and the perfect balance of the thick and creamy peanut sauce with the perfectly spiced satay. Incredible.

*sigh* So very satisfied. But of course it doesn’t mean I’m not still ready for some discourse. 🙂

They are killing my blog…

October 26th, 2010

Remember a time when the wonder of the Internet was so overwhelming that you thought nothing would ever overtake its majesty? I do. With such excitement that I thought I would never run out of things to look for and read and investigate.  The incredible depth of information -like having the whole LOC at your fingertips? The history of EVERYTHING at the click of a mouse?

Well, that will change if the Koch Brothers have their way. Remember, when the right wingers scoff at the idea of a “right-wing conspiracy” they are in fact ignoring the Kochs (and others). Great article in the New Yorker Magazine, deeply disturbing blog from Paul Krugman, wonderful warning from Kate Zierneke  and an insightful post by Paul Abrams.

These informative pieces are just a drop in the bucket of the weight and influences just TWO people bring to bear in the shaping of the US. They own two or more Supreme Court Justices. You and I have no say. And you thought you were angry enough to vote for a TeaBagger. Except those candidates are where they are BECAUSE of these mini despots. Enough to cook your noodle, isn’t it?